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Fußspuren auf Sand

About Us

We founded Radical Zero, because there is no time to waste to reduce our CO2 emissions. Collectively we are stronger.

We bundle micro-CO2 reductions projects, because your impact matters.

Radical Zero's Mission

Radical Zero wants to enable individuals and small businesses to accelerate their transition to net zero.


Radical Zero gives you access to carbon credits markets and provides benefits for your brand.


Radical Zero aims at establishing a community reducing collectively 10 Mio tons CO2 yearly.

Our Partners.

Radical Zero can exist because there is a network of investors, partners and advisors supporting our team along the journey.

We are grateful for their contributions and their commitment. 


Value Driven. Outcome focused. Growth mindset.

The Radical Zero is fighting the climate change. We believe that every activity counts and emissions reductions are necessary steps to succeed in avoiding a climate catastrophy!  Join us! We need to win this fight!

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Laurent Kaestli

Co-Founder, CEO

Business Development

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Chris Kaestli


Head of Carbon

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To be Announced



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We hire. Join Radical Zero.

Don't wait.  Product Owners, Developers, Carbon Consultants, Content managers, Marketing Experts, Business Development managers,....

Send us an email. We are looking for new colleagues and have a bigger impact together. You find all our open positions by clicking on the link in the footer.

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