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High Integrity Carbon Credits.

  • Certificates from VERRA, the world leading carbon credits issuer

  • Local carbon credits: exclusively from Europe 

  • Scalable volumes and secured long term supplies

Radical Zero develops high integrity Carbon Credits. These credits are certified by Verra - a worldwide leading standard.​ The high quality of the carbon credits generated by Radical Zero is supported by the local, easily monitoring of the emissions reductions. 

You manage your carbon credits! You can trade them, donate them and support a climate project or use them to compensate your own emissions. 


Contact us to join the fight and reduce your emissions!

Carbon credits simulators 

Our simulators have been developed for specific cases and contexts. We are developing new tools and methodologies to generate carbon credits faster and in a more efficient way. If your company is interested to better understand the revenue potential of its process optimizations, we are happy to develop a model for evaluation purposes.

For Home Owners, Small and medium Businesses

For Groceries Retailers, Apps fighting food waste


For manufacturers of plant based fish, meat, eggs

How do we develop Carbon Credits.

1. Registration, evaluation and contract

2. Measurement, quantification, external audits

3. Issuances of carbon credits

 4. Carbon credits in your account

5. Annual Certification renewal process

Radical Zero conducts a free evaluation to confirm th eligibility and estimate the Carbon Credits volume. A contract is signed.

Radical Zero develops a model to measure and monitor the emissions reductions. Submit it to external auditors.

The positive assessment from the auditors is sent to the certifying organization for additional checks. Carbon credits are issued.

Carbon Credits are deposited in your account and can either be traded, donated or used to compensate your own emissions.

Annual audit and ongoing monitoring of the emissions to ensure integrity of carbon credits.

Business Cases

Generation of Carbon Credits for the industrial SME community of Laval in Canada. Bundling the emissions reductions of 3'000+ organizations, companies and public institutions.  

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