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FAQ's about Heat Pumps.

How to generate Carbon Credits with my heat pump? Heat pumps can generate carbon credits by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere. By replacing an inefficient heating and cooling system with a heat pump, homeowners can reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by up to 5tons CO2e per year. This reduction in emissions can then be converted into carbon credits, which can then be sold on the carbon market. Additionally, homeowners can save up to 60% per year on their utility bills by switching to a heat pump.

How do I know if my Heat pump is eligible for claiming Carbon Credits? Developing Carbon Credits is a long process. With your project you need to fulfill several criteria. Radical Zero is doing this work for you. Ask us.

Why do I need Radical Zero to claim Carbon Credits for my heat pump? To claim carbon credits through Verra, you must first register your project in the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program. Once your project is registered, you will be issued unique carbon credits known as Verified Carbon Units (VCUs). We are the only company that develops carbon credits for heat pumps in Europe.

What is it so difficult to develop Carbon Credits and why Radical Zero is focusing on it? Radical Zero is able to develop Carbon Credits in the most efficient way: under Verra's standards, projects can be bundled together into a single, combined project. Because Radical Zero is already bundling hundred of heat pumps together, your heat pump will benefit from our efficiency and scalability. Join us.

Do Carbon credits markets really help with CO2 reductions? Carbon credits are often critized for encouraging businesses to delay real emissions reductions. While that may be true with large corporations/polluters, it is important to note that when used responsibly, carbon credits can be an effective tool for reducing emissions and helping to address climate change. Radical Zero is only helping only small businesses/emitters to develop high integrity Carbon Credits and in addition we retire a percentage of the Carbon Credits to guarantee a net reduction of emissions.

How do you prove the additionality of Heat pumps? To prove the additionality of a heat pump, it is important to calculate the estimated emissions that would have been generated without the heat pump being installed. The difference between the emissions with the heat pump and the emissions with the alternative energy source can then be used to determine the additionality of the heat pump's emission reduction. At Radical Zero we do this calculation for all heat pumps models.

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