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Content Developer

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Berlin, Deutschland


Part Time

Über die Rolle

Providing informations that enable people and organizations to reduce their CO2 emissions. How to make
the complexity of carbon credits easy to understand and so appealing, that people want to change their behaviour.


  • You are able to identify the needs of our target groups and formulate contents that addresses those needs along the customer journeys.

  • You can manage the publication of content across channels, monitor the audience response.

  • You are passionate about sustainability.

  • You enjoy working for a start up.

Über das Unternehmen

Radical Zero is a start-up. We are a team of value driven individuals, that want to have an immediate impact on the climate by focusing on emissions reductions.

We help Small and Medium Businesses across Europe to accelerate their transition to net zero. A quick and dramatic reduction of CO2 emissions is required from us all. We generate Carbon Credits on your behalf and redistribute the proceeds of the sales. Think of Radical Zero as a "cashback"/loyalty program for SME's with sustainable products and services.

We seeks to provide a safe and secure workplace, competitive salaries, security and support to our employees. We recognize the value in empowering our employees with continued training, enabling career growth offering opportunities to gain new skills and perspectives.
Our values: Your are welcome! Have a positive impact, Trust and Empower, Learn and Listen.

Jetzt bewerben
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